Richie Cardillo, Jr.

Richie_BioRichie Cardillo, Jr. and his family have been running the business started by his father, Richard Cardillo, Sr. since 1983. Soon thereafter, Richie, Jr. and his family launched Richie's into the wholesale Italian Ice business by opening a wholesale warehouse.

Richie, Jr. and his family have worked very hard to grow the wholesale business to where it is today. During the wholesale season, Richie's produces several hundred thousand gallons of Italian ice in more than 25 exciting flavors for retailers all over New England and throughout the United States.

And now, Richie, Jr. and his family have taken their pioneering spirit as business innovators to the next stage with the launch of Richie's national entrepreneur program.

Richie, Jr. has a great love and passion for the business his father started over 50 years ago and is looking forward to providing customers and fans all over the country with delicious Richie's products for many years to come.