Richie’s Pushcart/Umbrella
Purchase Program

Distrib_PushcartIf you're looking for a great, cost-effective way to get into the Italian Ice business, Richie's has the perfect solution with our Pushcart/Umbrella Purchase Program.

Our pushcarts feature eye-catching graphics, are easy to maintain and convenient to set-up at different locations.

The operation of the cold plate freezers is very easy. Simply plug the unit in at night (generally a standard 115 volt outlet) allowing the cold plates to freeze overnight.

In the morning (or 10-12 hours later) the freezer is ready to operate and hold temperatures of 0° for up to 12 hours without an electrical source or dry ice.

Pushcart Specifications: 44 1/8"W x 39 3/4"H x 30 7/8"D

Click here for detailed pushcart specifications.

Pushcart/Umbrella Purchase Price: $3,400.00 plus shipping (Includes Umbrella)

For more information about Richie's Program Plans, contact our Sales Office at 617.387.3188 or via email at