FAQs From Prospective
Italian Ice Entrepreneurs

What is Richie's Italian Ice?

Richie's Italian Ice is a smooth, nutritious, thirst-quenching frozen dessert that is perfect to serve at any event.

Our delicious Super Premium is a water-based, fat-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and dairy-free Italian Ice that is available in nearly 25 mouth-watering flavors.

What are Richie's Super Premium flavors?

Lemon, Blue Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, Mango, Lemon-Lime, Root Beer, Pina Colada, Banana, Almond, Ice Coffee, Double Fudge, Watermelon, Cherry, Orange Cream, Sour Apple, Cry Baby®, Cotton Candy, Grape, Rainbow USA, Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut Cream and Mint Chocolate.

Are all the flavors available to choose from?

Yes. You can choose whatever flavors you like. And, you can choose the quantities of each you prefer totaling 80 (2.5 gallon) containers, the capacity for one pallet.

Where is Richie's Italian Ice sold?

Wherever the people are. The possibilities are endless! Richie's Italian Ice is sold in malls, train stations, airports, college cafeterias, food courts, sporting events, amusement parks, movie theatres, beaches, festivals, fairs, zoos, etc. You get the idea. All you need is a great location with lots of people. Once people try Richie's, they'll buy it. It's that good!

How do I pay for my Richie's Italian Ice shipment?

All shipments of Italian Ice must be pre-paid. For the most expedient turnaround, we recommend credit cards, certified checks or wired funds. Company checks are also accepted, but funds must clear prior to shipment.

How is Richie's Italian Ice packed and shipped?

Richie's Italian Ice is packed on wooden pallets with a maximum of 80 (2.5 gallon) containers per pallet.

A full pallet measures 40"L X 48"W X 46"H and weighs approximately 1600 lbs.

The pallets are shrink-wrapped to provide added strength and visibility for improved quality control.

The Italian Ice is shipped on refrigerated trucks. We shop the lowest shipping prices available to your destination. If you prefer, you can choose your own means of shipping.

Where is my Italian Ice shipment delivered?

You actually have several options:

  • Shipment can be delivered to the nearest cold storage facility in your area. If you cannot find a cold storage facility in your area, let us know and we'll assist you in finding one.
  • Shipment can be delivered direct to you, provided there is loading dock accessibility.
  • Shipment can be delivered direct to you, provided you have access to a forklift for unloading. (Shipments will not be unloaded by hand).

In all cases, we recommend having access to storage freezers on the premises to store the product prior to use. Keep in mind, the Italian Ice needs to be maintained at a storage temperature of 8° Fahrenheit (Richies provides one 25 cu. ft. storage freezer to its business partners as part of the initial entrepreneur agreement. This freezer will accommodate a minimum of 25 containers).

How do I know Richie's Italian Ice will sell?

Offer free samples. Once people try Richie's, they'll buy it! They've been buying it for over 50 years. It's that good!

Do I have to use the "Richie's Italian Ice" name?

No. Most of our customers do use the name because of our strong brand identity (as evidenced by over 18,000 Facebook fans) and the reputation we've established by serving our loyal customers for over 50 years.

Can I use the "Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice" logo?

Yes. Usage of the logo is identified in our new business agreement. Logo usage must follow the guidelines as stipulated in the agreement.

Your company identity cannot be 'Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice".

However, your company identity can be "Company Name' featuring Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice.

Does Richie's have total control of my business operation?

No, not at all. This is your business. Upon your agreeing to become a Richie's entrepreneur, you sign an agreement with Richie's which, among other things stipulates proper usage of all Richie's Brand identity.

However, you can conduct your business as you wish. If you request help or suggestions regarding your business structure, Richie's will accommodate your requests at no charge. We're here to support our business partners in any way we can.

Does Richie's Entrepreneur Program offer options for the best solution for my program?

Absolutely. We value our business partners and want nothing but success for them.

  • You can choose to purchase a new business program, including cart or kiosk, product, and brand support materials.
  • You can choose to purchase only our product if you like.
  • You can choose to purchase product from us, but market under an entirely different identity.

Does Richie's offer marketing/POP support for business partners?

Yes. As part of the Richie's Entrepreneur Program, every business partner receives a colorful Richie's Menu Board, which features all flavors offered by the business partner along with pricing options, a 'Free Sample' A-frame sign for generating venue traffic, all cups, including Richie's promotional Koozie Cup, serving utensils and promotional items, including Richie's Super Premium t-shirts. All of this is in addition to the eye-catching Richie's serving venues, whether it's the pushcart with a colorful umbrella, the kiosk with the illuminated awning, or the concession trailer with vibrant graphics and illuminated signage.

I am interested in your new business program, but would like to know more about how the Italian Ice maintains its temperature prior to being served?

Good question. First of all, as a Richie's business partner, Richie's will provide you a 25 cubic foot storage freezer as part of your initial investment. This freezer will keep up to 25 containers of Italian Ice at a constant 8° Fahrenheit. If you do not have arrangements with a local cold storage facility, you should consider purchasing additional storage freezers to accommodate the entire pallet shipment of 80 containers.

All of Richie's entrepreneur program serving units, including the pushcart, kiosk and concession trailer are equipped with refrigerated compartments, which keep the Italian Ice at the perfect serving temperature of 10° Fahrenheit all day long. As a result, your Richie's Italian Ice maintains its consistency and mouth-watering flavor all the way to the satisfied customer.

If I want to become a Richie's business partner, what does the Board of Health require me to do?

First of all, 99.9% of all Board of Health Departments require a 3 bay hand wash sink system to prevent bacteria build-up. All of Richie's serving units are NSF approved and equipped with these sink systems. The kiosk and concession trailers have the sink systems built-in while the pushcart features a mobile sink system.

Secondly, Richie's Italian Ice products contain no dairy or non-dairy creamers, thus preventing spoilage.

Can you tell me about the different serving units available in your new business program plans?

Yes. The Richie's pushcart will hold up to ten 2.5 gallon containers of Italian Ice at a time, keeping it at a constant 10° Fahrenheit. Every pushcart also includes a colorful umbrella to protect you and the product from the hot sun.

The kiosk will accommodate up to fourteen 2.5 gallon containers of Italian Ice, including eight flavors for serving and six additional in storage. The kiosk features a colorful sliding awning and also can be equipped with a sliding glass cover to insulate the product.

The concession trailer is equipped with storage freezers to accommodate 80 -100 containers of Italian ice at one time. The trailer features attractive illuminated signage which promotes extended venue opportunities.

I'm ready to get started. What do I need to do before I receive my first shipment of Italian Ice?

First of all, you should check with the local Health Department to determine if there are any permits or licenses required for you to sell Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice.

Second, as previously mentioned, Richie's will provide you a 25 cubic foot storage freezer, which will hold up to 25 containers of product. However, you will need additional storage freezers to accommodate the entire 80 container shipment you will receive on a pallet.

Third, you need to arrange with a local cold storage facility to receive your shipment, or have the ability to unload the shipment with a forklift. The shipment will not be unloaded by hand.

Fourth, the balance of your new business program materials will be shipped directly to your specified location, including the storage freezer.

Last, but not least, you need a high-traffic location. The possibilities are endless!