Richie’s Kiosk Plan #1

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With Kiosk Plan #1, you receive:

  • 1 - Italian Ice refrigerated kiosk
  • 80 - 2.5 gallon containers of Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice (1 pallet)
  • 1 - Menu board
  • 1 - Transportation tote
  • 1 - 25 cubic foot storage freezer
  • 1 - 6ft. table with colorful display cover
  • 2 - Insulated freezer bags
  • 1 - Free Sample sign
  • Cups, koozie cups, t-shirts, scoops, neon serving spoons/straws, sample spoons, tip can and tote to hold all supplies

Kiosk with sink - $28,999.00 (Includes shipping within 1500 miles of Boston, MA.)

When we say low-risk, high-profit potential, we're not kidding.

Consider this for first order income:

Number of containers:

Average number of 7-oz. servings/container:

Total number of first order servings:

Selling price per serving:

Gross First Order Income:




$28,999.00 investment = $9,800.00 Gross First Order Sales Potential

Avg. one - 80 container order/month = 960 containers/year = 33,600 servings/year x $3.50/serving = $117,600.00 Gross Annual Sales Potential!

Kiosk Plan #1 Re-order Example:

80 - 2.5 gallon containers of
Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice:

Shipping (estimated):



$200.00 - $400.00

All Richie's Program Plans must be pre-paid in full prior to order fulfillment.

kiosk sink

Richie's Program Plan Accepted Payment Options:

  • Check (Please include Plan Option on check memo field)
  • Money order
  • Credit Card

Once your payment is received, your Italian Ice unit will be reserved for you.

You can take delivery of your Italian Ice unit, product and supplies once payment in full is received by Richie's.

Please note options for Italian Ice product delivery to your destination of choice:

  • Receipt at area cold storage facility of your choice
  • Receipt direct to your location of choice provided you have forklift to unload product

Note: Italian Ice product will not be delivered and unloaded by hand.

For more information about Richie's Program Plans, contact our Sales Office at 617.387.3188 or via email at

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