Richie’s New Business
Program Overview

Distrib_OverviewRichie's has several great new business options available for those who are seeking a low-risk investment with unbelievable profit potential.

You can start your very own business selling our mouth-watering Richie's Italian Ice. All you need is a great location with lots of people! We'll set you up with everything you need to get started and provide any support you may need along the way. The beauty of it is that it's your business to run. And, the profit potential can be amazing!

Several Program Plans to Choose From

We offer several different program plans for you to consider, including our colorful Richie's pushcart, which is ideal for mobile venues, our attention-grabbing portable kiosk, perfect for more permanent locations and our highly visible concession trailer, the choice for those interested in large events and venues.

Here's how it works. Once you agree to become a Richie's entrepreneur and decide on your serving model of choice, we'll ship everything you need to get your business started, including our mouth-watering Italian Ice product to your desired destination.

The Italian Ice product is shipped separately on wooden pallets to the nearest cold storage facility in your area. If you're unaware of a cold storage facility near you, not to worry. We'll make all the arrangements, assuring that your shipment is received at a cold storage facility nearest to you.

koozieEverything else necessary to launch your business will be shipped to your specified destination. Included with every Richie's New Business Program is a 25 cubic foot storage freezer, two Richie's portable freezer bags for easy transport of the Italian ice to an offsite location, a colorful, easy-to-use menu board, a choice of three different serving cups, plus our souvenir Richie's Koozie Cup, a Free Sample sign, Richie's souvenirs, including our colorful T-shirts and all the serving utensils you need, including scoops, serving and sample spoons.

You're Ready to Get Started!

That's it! You're ready to get started with your Richie's Italian Ice business. We'll provide any support you may need, including helpful hints and suggestions to make your business even more successful.

We want the experience of being a Richie's Entrepreneur to be enjoyable, rewarding and exciting and will provide all the support necessary to insure that every Richie's New Business Opportunity is a successful one.